Interior Design

Using a collaborative, organized, detailed and efficient design approach, we assist people in aligning with their homes and enhancing the quality of their lives.

Individual Room Design, Furniture Layout, Colorization, Reorganization, Staging, Full Design Plan Review coordination with architect and contractors, Floor Plan layout design, Selection and design of interior features, Flooring, Hard surfaces, Lighting, Built-ins, Plumbing, Upholstery, Ceiling treatments, Wall treatments, Selection of interior furnishings and finishes, Coordination of final installation and final punch list, Remodel Design, Residential and commercial design

We offer a cost-plus system for the purchase of wholesale goods. This system allows you to purchase goods at wholesale prices, plus GST, through us with an additional surcharge fee of 15%. These purchases can include furniture, lighting, ornaments, rugs, art work, carpets, bathroom and kitchen products and other accessories


A.A. Balmain Upholstery & A.A. Quick Trim can help relieve your back aches and pains with our quality range of back and support products. Servicing Australia wide, we custom make car seats that offer complete lumbar support, in addition to home furniture, including lounges, sofas, armchairs, recliner chairs and office chairs. Call us today in Sydney to find out what we can do for you.

Motorcycle Seats

From restoring a vintage bike seat back to original or a wild custom seat for a show bike we deliver whatever you require. If you are building a custom show bike & only have a seat pan then don’t worry that’s all we need as we can make & shape new foam & give your bike a nice finishing touch. If you have bought online a new cover for your motocross bike seat we can install it for you & get it to fit right & we only use stainless steel staples to make sure that cover stays on for a long time. We can recover & repair modern bike seats, motocross & trail bikes, quad bikes & farm bikes & vintage & classic bike seats.

Tonneau Covers

We make tonneau covers for utes & tray back 1 tonners standard or custom to fit around tool boxes. We also make tonneau covers for sports cars, we can also make soft top tonneau covers to tidy up the rear of your convertible when the top is down.

Marine Upholstery

We don’t just do cars, we also do boats from ski-boats to luxury cruisers, no job too big or small.

  • All seats & trims, carpets, dash’s, consoles, esky lid seats, helm chairs, lounges, dinettes
  • Wall & ceiling coverings, bunk cushions & mattress’s, v-birth cushions & all odd shape foam mattress’s we can make & cover for you
  • Flybridge & deck carpets & shade screens, all over covers for small trailer boats.
  • Motor Trimming


We supply lumbar support products from the SpineCare range in Sydney, designed for use in your vehicle, office or home. We offer cushions which help enhance posture, reduce fatigue, aid with transfers and increase blood flow through the legs, bottom and back. You can sit in a more comfortable position for a longer period of time however we recommend you take regular postural breaks to avoid stiffness and fatigue.

Car neck support Lumbar support cushion sold in Rozelle

Car seats

We offer car seats designed to meet all lumbar support needs in Sydney and Australia wide, expertly fitting:

  • Adjustable headrests
  • Adjustable back rests
  • Head restraints
  • Lumbar supports
  • Side supports

Door Trims

From factory reproduction door trims to custom handmade we can replace old or damaged door trims. From Rolls Royce to Holden we do all cars & with modern cars with moulded door trims we can replace the cloth inserts in the middle of the trim with either leather or fabric.

Campervans & Caravans

Yes we haven’t forgotten about your mobile holiday accommodation, all seats, lounges, dinettes, carpets, ceilings & wall coverings, bed heads. If you are building one yourself we can make new lounges & dinette cushions for you, make your holiday a comfortable one.

Convertible Tops

We can replace your worn out or damaged soft top with either a factory replacement or a made to factory specifications aftermarket top from the world leaders in soft top manufacturing. The convertible tops we supply & install are of the highest quality in both materials & the way they are made.

Custom Made

We can make a wide range of custom architect or designer specified cushions or seating for outdoor & indoor areas, daybeds & outdoor lounges. We use acrylic canvas or marine vinyl for cushions that are left permanently in the open or we have a range of semi-outdoor fabrics that are soft to sit on & are bright in colour to give your outdoor area a real tropical feel, If your favourite dining chairs need a new look or if you have office furniture or an unusual chair that needs to be recovered then come & see us

Whatever style of interior you want, Nostalgia, Traditional, Modern or High Tech, we can design it for you or help you design or you can come in with your own design, it is up to you, we are here to help you, not tell you what to do. We can advise on aftermarket products such as seats & interior accessories & you can either supply them yourself or we can supply.

Lumbar support

Spine Saver Lumbar Roll back support

The Spine Saver Lumbar Roll back support product is designed specifically for people with back pain, spinal pain, illness or disability. The qualities of this exceptional lumbar support product include:

  • Support for your lower back and neck if desired
  • Relief of back pain
  • Portable and lightweight - use it anywhere you sit
  • Great for car, home or office
  • Compact, convenient
  • Elastic strap, securing the roll in the desired position
  • Five shapes, two densities
Types of lumbar rolls